Technical Training

The portfolio of Oil & Gas Technology training courses are designed and tailored to help the delegates to fully develop their skills as effective and knowledgeable professionals in the field of oil and gas industry, including oil and gas production, crude oil and LPG storage tanks, specifics of transport to onshore and offshore refinery facilities and/or marine terminals and other important operations. They meet high standards, both with respect of course content as well as the methodology of course presentation,. Numerous workshops and class discussions are intended to enable the delegates to become decision makers in various technical situations which require sound engineering knowledge and good professional judgement. Some of our key Courses are

  1. Struck Pipe prevention
  2. Business Continuity and security
  3. Shift working best practices
  4. Operational excellence
  5. Maintenance and Reliability
  6. Asset Integrity
  7. Ergonomic Management
  8. Process safety Management
  9. Supply Chain Management